Steel City Capital Investments, LLC is a registered investment advisor that provides investment management services to a long-biased investment fund and separately managed accounts. We adhere to a value-oriented investment strategy in our pursuit of generating long term growth of capital for investors.


We employ a bottom-up, research intensive investment process aimed at identifying securities which we believe are mispriced relative to their intrinsic value. Key components of this process include historical financial analysis; forward-looking financial forecasts; an extensive review of corporate documents including securities filings, press releases, and company presentations; "bull/bear" conversations; and a valuation assessment.  


We do not focus on any specific market capitalization, sector, or geographic region. Instead, we believe that approaching security selection from the perspective of a generalist provides us with the flexibility to identify attractive investment opportunities regardless of industry or market conditions. 

We seek to differentiate ourselves by concentrating capital in our highest conviction ideas, targeting holding periods that exceed market averages (time arbitrage), and eating our own cooking (investing our capital alongside investors).

Michael G. Hacke, CFA, is the Founder and Managing Member of Steel City Capital Investments, LLC. Mr. Hacke draws on his diverse experiences as a credit analyst, equity research analyst, and investor relations officer to guide Steel City Capital's investment strategy and meet its objectives.